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Orthotic Prescription

Orthotic Prescription in Kilkenny Physiotherapy Clinic

Did you know people take between 5,000 to 10,000 steps every day? A wide range of problems and pains in your body are caused by your feet.

Biomechanics describes the way the weight of your body transfers through your foot while standing, walking and running. Feet that roll inward ( flat feet) or roll outward ( supinating) cause twisting and uneven weight bearing through your foot joints, ankle, knee, hip and back.

Prescribing an Orthotic device is a medical speciality that corrects this.

Here at Kilkenny Physiotherapy we are fully qualified in the assessment, prescription and supply of these orthotics .
After a full biomechanical assessment is done the Chartered Physiotherapist will advise what type of device is needed and will measure your feet for the orthotic. There are different types of orthotics to suit different needs.

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