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Home visits

Home visits in Kilkenny Physiotherapy Clinic

We can undertake visits to the home or a residential care facility. We can perform a full assessment of your condition and identify your specific needs. A special programme will help you attain your goals and keep you as active as you can be.

During the first visit the Physiotherapist will make a full assessment of your physical condition and how you are mobilising in your own surroundings. We can give you advice, and measure you for a specific mobility aid that might help. Then we can devise a treatment/exercise plan that you can begin straight away. Family members are encouraged to attend the first session in order to learn how they may help.

The Physiotherapist can visit on a regular basis if required for your rehabilitation.
This is a one to one hands on approach, in your own surroundings which together with patient and carer education and training is the key to your success.

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