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Orthotics. Prescription of an Orthotic is a medical speciality and here we have Chartered Physiotherapists who are fully qualified to assess and prescribe an Orthotic specific to your requirements.These devices are placed in your shoes and correct the alignment of your foot in standing, walking and running. Feet that fall inwards ( flat feet) or roll outwards ( supinating feet) cause uneven distribution of weight , and consequently pain, through your toes, ankles, knees , hips and lower back.

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Orthotics come in many forms and you will be advised of the type best suited to you.

The different devices are:

  1. Custom made devices which are moulded to the shape of your foot to your specific prescription.
  2. Prescription insoles which are softer and can also include your personal prescription needs.
  3. Off the shelf ready made devices which can be adapted to your needs.

A properly prescribed orthotic can eliminate recurring injuries, pain, wear and tear in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back. Children can also benefit greatly from orthotics. Worn regularly they correct gait and prevent joint damage as they grow.

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Orthotics - What are they and do I need them?

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